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Now let's get to lunch!

I'm guessing that it must be around 3:00 PM.. Sound about right Swampy?

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That's why they call you SWAMPY 


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Nay, nay Brother Bert! Lunch is 11:30 to 2pm!

First ones in to lunch were Frosty and new-guy-who-showed-up-right-after-everyone-left Martin! I showed them to the halfway point of the first loop and they went on from there...

They arrived 10 minutes before the pre-riders....

It's funny how the timing works, funny in Bell Curve kinda way (I've always said the whole sport is a Bell Curve!)...

Sweep riders in at 11:45.... first small groups come in from 12:00- 12:15.... the numbers get larger from 12:30 to 13:00.... then they start getting smaller again until sweepers arrived about 13:30....

So here's the parking lot at lunch... yes, that's a covered bridge out back....

Dave Hall wondering if anyone would notice if he took another brownie...

That's Buddy Gaillard in orange, Boo Custer from Texas next to him, and the McGillicuddy boys with their backs to the camera....

Saw this bike two years ago.... anyone remember 23" front tires?

This bike was last seen somewhere in Idaho.... it was clean and shiney and looked new in Salt Lake.....

Mo' Bikes! That's one of the neat things about an event. The numebr of bikes. It turns into an impromptu motorcycle show-and-tell.....

Time to hit the road again!

Far left is Mike Worley and Rich Frady...Jim Ousley the bald guy from kentucky in the center, don't know the next guy, looks like Nate Hendrickson in blue, and the last gut on the right in red I'm not sure of... BTW, this is the forst place for cell phone coverage along the way....

V-Stroms and Adventures...

Buddy Gaillard, former enduro rider from Dunnellon...

You can tell it's October... look at all the pumpkins!

Now I don't have any pictures from Saturday nights cookout and story tellin', so if anyone's got any, please post 'em up...

I'll be back with some Sunday pics....

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Muffler Bearing Tech Day
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I am enjoying the pics everyone. Keep em' coming...


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Sunday..... a new day dawns....

All I'll say at this point is that the day turned out to be perfect, I rode sweep with Frosty and we covered the whole route (146 miles) without difficulty, though it was fun watching Bear Robinson trying to get his bike started after going for a swim....

Anyway, the Fall Classic is my ultimate favorite event, and it seems like a lot of folks enjoyed it as well, many brought their spouses to see the leaves change... and that's all good. Afterall we're all family!

And now, the many faces of DDS....

See ya'll next year! (working on some big changes for 2010!)

The Honorable Mayor of Swampyville '10 Triumph Tiger 1050 '09 KTM690R '07 Kawasaki KLX250 (Mrs Swampy's bike) '03 Triumph Speed Triple '02 Honda CR250R tagged

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Brought To You By Tom's Yaller Snap-Off Foot Pegs!
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Sunday was a little cooler starting out but these guys were ready.

Had to break out the camera in this area since we passed it by the day before.

I'm speechless it was just so beautiful....




Lunch time oh yeah.....




I think I'm being followed....

What a great time it was.  I'm ready to go back NOW!  Real nice job Swampy.

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Delightfully Tacky
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First of all thanks to Swampy and all that help organize this event. I had a great time and met a bunch of nice people.
A few of my photos:

Getting ready for the 14 hr drive to Bama from Coral Springs, FL...

Road near Cheaha... not sure where it went.

Friday lunch at Cheaha restaurant... great view.

The blue steed and the fog...

The gang... from left: me, Darrell, Tito & Kent. Joel is behind me.  A big thanks to Darrell for inviting me to rde with his friends.

Me getting ready... It was cold...

The Gang... almost ready to go.

Laura also had a good time hiking the trails... Thanks to Brenda (Darrell's wife) and Marcia (Kent's wife) for taking Laura along on their explorations. She also had a great time.

My only mishap was a rear flat just before lunch on Sunday. Many thanks to Jimmy for taking my bike back to the park on his truck and Paco for letting me ride his bike.

Overall a great time and looking forward to next year.

 Julio & Laura


Ride safe!

2014 500EXC
2009 WR250R
2005 FJR1300-sold :-(

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Special thanks to the following who helped pull this off...

Of course, props to the Mrs!

Rich and Pat for tech...

Donnie and Cindy at The Mill...

Pops for working the park...

The Todd, Troy and Drew for Saturday Sweep...

The folks who worked Saturday night... I know there was Frosty and his Mrs, Tom barrow and Doug Tate, I saw other jump in from time to time as well...

Or course, the people of the State of Alabama along with the US Forest Service...

Special props to Bayron Knight, wherever he is. It was his idea that started this event 8 years ago, and he did the first route for the event... Thanks Bayron!

Let's do this again next year... and we're looking to step it up a few notches!

The Honorable Mayor of Swampyville '10 Triumph Tiger 1050 '09 KTM690R '07 Kawasaki KLX250 (Mrs Swampy's bike) '03 Triumph Speed Triple '02 Honda CR250R tagged

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I know McPush, and you Sir, are no McPush!
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I also want to thank all those who helped make this another great DDS event.
My wife and I selfishly did not help with anything on this one, choosing instead to celebrate our anniversary by enjoying each other's company and the Alabama scenery. Thanks to all of you, we had a great time and a memorable anniversary!
We owe you!

2007 KLR650, 2002 XT225, 2004 BMW R1200CL, 2007 Ural Tourist, 2009 Kawasaki EX 250, 2004 HD Road King

Burrito Bandito!
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It's hard to believe this ride gets better every year.  Great folks met and shared sections of trail along with the sights.  Really enjoy being a part of DDS.  Thanks to all for help and the company.  Thanks to Robert Frey and family.   You're our heros.

Let's ride!

FLyNW '06 200XCW, '09 530
I like it when my vision vibrates
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