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Is MiamiMike Really
From Vancouver?
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Wet Camping Weekend

Wet weekend camping trip!

I thought to myself....8 weeks of no rain , other than the odd thunderstorm,....and really hot....I need to take a little camping trip down South and up in the mountains, where it's cool and of course dry. I wake up at about 6AM on Friday....and decide to load the bike up and go down to Willville campground, which is just North of the NC State line. My plan was to camp there for 2 nights! On Saturday I was planning on riding the rest of the way down and back as far as I could go on the BRP. It promised to be 4 days of great weather....and started out that way. So by 10:30 AM or so I have the Beast loaded and ready to she is!

With great hopes ......I am off.......

I get to Willville MC campground about 4 in the afternoon as it is about 270 miles from my place and I wanted to get set up and ready for a full day of riding on the tent up and ready for a relaxing evening...

The Beast is right at home here....and if you have never been to's a great place and Will is a cool guy....

A Harley guy and his wife are camped right next to me....neat folks....

I decide before I go around and take a few more pics....I better have a and fritos....could not be better....

I then went down the line and here were the Wing folks....all from NC....and they called themselves...."Trailer Trash" can't see them all but there were 6 Wings....each of which towed a trailer. I thought that was dumb but as you will see later looked better to me in the morning.

The Harley couple have covered up the chrome in case of bad weather....there is no bad weather in the forecast....oh well....turns out they may have had some insight I did not...

Then a guy turns up on a BMW 650 Dakar.....and is in the process of setting up his tent....he is an ADV Rider....

I am on my way up to the check in location and take a pic of the fireplace circle where I expect we will all "Smoke, Joke, and Lie" this evening...

More to come shortly...

When you get up close to Wills is the Pavillion.....where all the folks get together in case of bad weather....

and here is where you check in.....fill out a form....deposit your 15 if you want a chicken or sausage biscuit in the AM and you are ready to go...

Here is Wills new can rent it for I think 40 bucks and park your bike under the roof on the left. I did not get a pic of the couple that stayed there....but they rode a Vstrom ....neat folks but left early for reasons soon to be revealed....Thats Wills cat on the porch waiting for dinner....

I head back to my tent to get a jacket and a beer because Will is getting the firepit ready....and behold another guy has pulled in on an RT and has just set up his hammock in the trees next to my spot....

and another guy has set up his tent.....and he is riding a nicely restored BMW....that you could hardly hear coming in......ran like a finely tuned watch....

Got dark and I headed to the fire pit....all the folks were sittin around and having a good time....

when I ran out of beer I decided to hit the rack for a full day of riding tomorrow....

I think it was about 3 in the morning on Saturday that I was awakened by a downpour of rain that I had not seen or heard for 2 months....but I had a good tent and with a downpour like was sure to end by daybreak!


At 6AM it was still pissing down to the point you could not see 50 feet in front of you....and it continued throughout the fact it was still pissing down when I hit the rack tonight. Obviously I needed more beer so went out in the rain and got some. Funny thing was I walked into a beer store with all my gear on including helmet....and the guy behind the counter said....( You ridin a motorCycl???)....I refrained from making some equally dumbass response and said. Yup, keeps the dust off! In any case got back to the campsite and the couple that had rented the cabin were getting ready to leave and go back to Raleigh.....he was having a good time but she was not really happy....if you know what I mean! They had rented it for 2 days but decided that it was best for matrimonial bliss to leave a day they did.

The rest of us just drank and had a lot of laughs for the remainder of the day in the Pavillion.....and went to bed expecting a new day of sunshine and pleasant weather.

I get up on Sunday morning and it's still coming down big time and dense fog....but I gotta go and make it to at least Loft Mountain Campgroud on Skyline....which is about 200 miles north of I pack up in the rain and after a coffee and sausage biscuit.....head off....have you ever seen Mabry Mill in the fog....the swans loved it.....

I rode for about another15 miles or so and realized that it was pretty dangerous so better get down into the valley and somehow make it to Loft Mountain on Skyline Drive.....

Each of the routes back up to either BRP or SLD had electronic signs that said "Heavy fog" I kept going in the valley until I said to myself....the Hell with it....gotta get up there....I did and finally made it to Loft Mountain is my site.....

Still a little foggy.....

Next Morning, (Monday), headed on up Skyline to get home.....still foggy but pretty are some pics....

I could not take as many pics as I would have liked and of course could not take any videos until right near the end because of the rain and fog. I did take this vid on Skyline as the fog lifted.....couple of raindrops on the lens caused a little distortion....but you get the idea....

&ampampnbsp v Krj0M08legs&hl="en_US&fs=1" allowfullscreen="true" allowscriptaccess="always">

Hope you enjoyed the weekend......


Where's Bert?
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Hey Beast

thanks for the vacation, that looked really cool,,, Very cool Bike.

Later Vern


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I Just Got A Letter From AARP....
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You know relaxation videos you pay big bucks for.....waves crashing on the beach, water rippling over a creek bed of rocks, wind blowing across a field of grain?
The ones that get you back into your goojoo.....let you speak to your inner karma and get the harry krishnas out of your head?
Breastrider, you just made the best video ever! Here's my $20 bucks for a copy! I don't need to watch Dr. Phil anymore!!!!!!

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I like slow walks on the beach & poking at dead things with a stick.

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Great report Beast

Bert   09 KTM 530 07 Triumph Tiger 1050  06 Kawasaki KLR650 07 Yamaha YZ 250 1976 Husky WR250 1978 Suzuki RM250 1981 Honda CM 400 W/Velorex Sidecar Because the ride shouldn't end just because the pavement does! May your trails be crooked, winding, lonesome, dangerous, leading to the most amazing view. May your mountains rise into and above the clouds. -Edward Abbey Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail. Harold McAlindon
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