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My First Post!
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I bought a used KLR 650 that only had 2500 miles but the previous owner had put on street tires.  What are the best tires to purchase to go off-road.  Any help would be appreciated.

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Welcome to the DDS dirt pile patearp!

Tires are like cars, some like Ford, some like Chevys and then some like etc...  A lot depends on you, your bike, your riding stye and your budget.

If is a good tire report by tom62262 - link-

The one thing that all motorcycle tires have in common is that none of them last long enough.

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I've used D606's and currently use Kenda 270's on my KLR 650. I commute 20 miles of interstate every day to and from work, and also trail ride. 606's were LOUD, and only lasted about 2000 miles. They worked well off road, but I didn't care for them on the street. 270's are the best compromise I've found yet in a tire. They do well off road in everything but gumbo mud, and are very predictable on the street. I have over 2000 miles on them, and expect 5-6000.
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Speaking of compromise and the search for the ultimate 50/50 tire ... check out the Heidenau K60.  After ruining yet another tire on my  F800GS (AKA - nail magnet) I got the K60 and thus far am very pleased with it. 

Of course I saw the price on the Kenda that KLRinDixie mentioned which made it look that much better.  



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I like the round black ones
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I'm running Kenda 760 Track Master II. Top speed is only 80mph but they grip well on road and are the best dirt mod you can get.
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