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Is MiamiMike Really
From Vancouver?
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Thanksgiving Ride in Virginia and West Virginia

It promised to be a cool damp day but Mangicaker and I decided to spend the day roaming around parts of Virginia and West Virginia....

Prepared and ready to go...Mangicaker on the right, me on the left

Gentlemen....start your engines...

We're off.....

This part of Virginia has a wealth of history, some of it great, some of it not so great....but it's all history just the same..we found this on our way out of Virginia..

Have a look at this plaque regarding slavery and in particular slave accomodation..

This was obviously a wealthy owner ....here are 3 original slave houses..

Here is the view they had....that's the Blue Ridge Mountains and Skyline Drive way in the background.

Had to stop and get some breakfast so we stopped here....a fantastic breakfast burrito place...

Good prices too...

mmmmmmmmmmm.....This is only one....huge...so we split it..

Maybe we should get this next time

Individual recipes...

As you get into West Virginia the views are out of this world....too bad it's a very overcast day...here we are just off the road in WVA...

Another view from the same spot...

We got on to a nice little scenic stretch of road in West Virginia....here is a short video....South Fork River of the Potomac...on the left...


Then we saw a small picnic area and boat launch so decide to stop and have a look....

They have already starting decorating for Christmas...

This family just got a new dog (Chelsey)....and wanted to see how she liked water...she did By the way they even installed Christmas reindeer on the far side of the river...look closely.

Neat little picnic area and park....this is a view upstream...

Left the picnic area and headed off down the road and found this neat little place..

Lot of history around here as well...

No sense in taking down the old bridge when you build a new one....just close it off...this is right beside the historic sign above...cool

View up stream to Smoke Hole Canyon from the old bridge...

Time for lunch and these guys......

Told us to eat here....pretty good lunch.....get the Fat Boy Burger and curly fries...

After lunch continued to head on down along the river...

Mandatory on the move, mirror pic...

Wonder how Mangicaker is holding up?

As we start heading back to Virginia....thought I would take a short video coming across the mountains on Route 33.....nice twisty road...


Once back into Virginia the sun actually came out for about 15 minutes...here are a couple of pics along the way...

First one while moving along..

Couple when stopped...

Neat little old farmhouse on top of the hill...

Don't stay or eat here...it's a dump

Here is the Inn...

And here is the restaurant...

One last video as we get close to home....still a little sun left...


Hope you enjoyed the ride.....we did....about 300 miles or so, fun day.

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You've Been Busted!
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Thanks for sharing and nice pictures!


“There is only one reason for pavement and that is to get to dirt.” - “King” Richard Burleson

-- If you argue with a Fool you are a FOOL! --

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See Rock City
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looks like a good ride and you did it all on my dream bike.

Honk if the twins fall out.

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I know McPush, and you Sir, are no McPush!
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Great post!
Thank you.

2007 KLR650, 2002 XT225, 2004 BMW R1200CL, 2007 Ural Tourist, 2009 Kawasaki EX 250, 2004 HD Road King

Burrito Bandito!
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Nice but twisty?  You missed the real WVA & VA twisties!
It's still a great place to ride (We spent 10 days there in 2008).
Not giving you grief...well maybe a little. :>)

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