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Rock Creek OHV Trail

Length: 4.7 miles

SUITABLE FOR - Motorcycles, mountain bicycles, and ATV's

This is a loop trail that offers a challenging riding experience through scenic terrain.

Tatum Lead OHV Trail

Length: 5.5 miles

SUITABLE FOR - Four-wheel drive vehicles, motorbikes, ATVs, and mountain bicycles.

The trail ends at private property. Do not ride beyond the end of the trail.

Post your pictures and reviews here!

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Got Mud?
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The Disclaimer:
I am a dual sport noob, and this was my first visit to Rock Creek. I was on a KTM Adventure 640 with a full tank of gas (heavy!). I ride conservatively, especially when alone as I was today.

The Map:

Getting There:
The directions posted on the website are not entirely clear, and the FS roads did not appear in my slightly older Garmin software or in my Georgia Gazetter. The road listed below as FS 3 will appear as Peeple's Lake Road in Google Earth and elsewhere. I could not find any maps that showed the existance of the FS 3A shown below. From the Old Federal Road/Peeple's Lake Road intersection to the OHV parking lot, it is approximately 5 miles of gravel FS road with some narrow sections and a lot of humps, so be careful if you're pulling a trailer and always watch out for traffic from the opposite direction.

The Trail:
The entrance to the trail has a fairly large gravel parking lot and a bulletin board with a few maps and the rules and regulations. There is no water or restroom facility available. The entrance to the trail is at the end of the parking lot. There were no other vehicles present when I arrived (~8am on Saturday) - I assumed this was due to the heat.

As I entered the trail, I thought I was in for a nice, relaxing ride. The early portion of the trail is nice hard packed dirt in a shady dense forest. There are some small dirt "whoops" and some smallish mud puddles. There were a few smaller hill sections that were fun, but not too much for a beginner or possibly even children.

Then, I reached the section where the "ATV loop" actually started (see map). I turned left onto the leg heading more south (parallel to FS 3A). The trail became much narrower and very rocky. The center of the trail was pretty washed out and full of large rock chunks. The trail becomes a series of switchback / hillclimb / switchback sections, each becoming a bit more difficult that the last. Good momentum was important, but use caution - I'm pretty sure the loop is 2 way so you never know where you might find an ATV coming the opposite way. The trail is barely wide enough for one quad with steep drop offs on the outside, so the consequences of meeting traffic could be severe.

As you can see from the picture above, I didn't complete the loop - I made it about a quarter to a third of the way around, but on one hill climb section, I managed to stall the bike and get it stuck on a rock. I decided to take a break and walk up the hill a bit because it was apparent that I was getting in past my comfort limit for a solo ride, coupled with the fact that I was in an area where my cell phone probably wouldn't work.

The hill continued up quite a ways and got steep and loose enough I could barely walk up it in my Sidi MX boots. Near the top of the section were some large downed trees that I would have to maneuver around while trying to make it up the steep slope. At that point, I gave up and wimped out. If I weren't alone and had a smaller bike - maybe I would have pressed on (but I doubt it!).

Since I was in the middle of a hill section, I spent about 15 minutes wrestling my 640 Adventure around 180 degrees on the narrow trail. I didn't have room to get it turned exactly as I wanted it, so I took a long time idling and walking it down a terrible line down the hill. At that point, I didn't care - I just wanted to make it back to the parking lot - preferably in one piece and with a working bike!

Difficult for inexperienced riders
Probably very difficult after rain due to steep slopes

GPX File of my incomplete run

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