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About a month ago I crashed pretty good out at Richloam.  "Pretty Good" meaning not bad enough for the hospital, but bad enough to call it a day.  I've been itchin' to ride, but had to skip out on riding with my usual crew, the Swampwhores (kinda like Wankers, but with a higher average age) a few times because of a really bad wrist sprain.  So, I had this idea that riding my KLR out there would be O.K., because I wouldn't be able to ride it fast enough for one of those sneaky trees to jump in front of me.  I posted on a KLR forum to see if I could get some other Milk Craters to join me on Saturday, the 26th.  Only had one taker.  Then, something came up and I had to postpone the Saturday ride to Sunday.  Unfortunately, it looked like it wasn't going to happen at all now, as the other rider was going to a concert Saturday night...

So, there I was, at 3am this morning, feeding the new baby and watching the news.  A sub-tropical storm heading this way.  Looks like rain in the forecast, but not until later.  Hmmm...  Maybe I can squeeze in a ride...I hatch a plan...

After feeding the baby, I head out to the garage and get the green machine, "The Incredible Bulk" ready.  Get my gear together, coffee, breakfast.  A little later, and another riding buddy of mine awakes.  I inform him of the plan, he's game.  Get him ready, and load up.  By now the sun is starting to climb into the sky.  I had hoped to leave before daybreak, but you know how plans go.  It's still early, and there is no traffic as we head out from Orlando.

Isaiah and The Bulk, ready to ride.

After messing around on local roads, I say the heck with it and pop on the expressway.  Then the turnpike, and off onto 50 in Clermont.  As we come into Groveland, someone point out the Golden Arches.  Seems like kids have radar for them.  We pull in and it's coffee, black, for me, and a sausage egg biscuit McMuffin for the growing child.

After refueling (ourselves, the Bulk doubles as a tanker), we head for the woods.  Empire Church Rd to Bay Lake.  Into Richloam from the east, to check some of my favorite roads.

Wow.  I can't believe how dry it is.  Working up 66 for a while, the sand is proving to be a bit much, or so I think.  Even the mud has dried up.  So we turn bak and head west on Center Grade.  Now I can't believe how bad the graded road is.  I am actually having a worse time than on 66.  We meet two other riders on Center Grade, but that is the only other people we meet.    A ways down, I decide if I'm going to battle the sand, I may as well do it in the woods.  Next fire road, we take it.  It meets back up with 66, so we head the other direction until we come out on another graded road.

East Grade doesn't look bad when we cross it, but I decide to stick to the woods.


Isaiah spied this mushroom and made me stop to check it out.  I think it used the last drop of water out here.

After riding around for a while, we worked up to North Grade.  What a mess.  I forgot how soft it is anyway, it was like riding dunes today.  Finally getting past the worst of it I turned up Airstrip Rd.  Whoops on the KLR are almost as much fun as sand on the KLR.  Almost.  Coming to Cattle Road, I check the map and head for the river.

This is what we found:

No water.  But, we did come across this tree.  I think it wanted us to turn left.

So left it was.  River Rd twisted and turned us back out to 471.  Consulting with my navigator we decided to head for a late lunch then back to the house.  A quick bite at the Hardee's back in Groveland, then we headed back the way we came.  The wind was really blowing us around on the highway.  Yeh, definately a good decision to be going back.  I thought we might get wet, dark clouds on the horizon.  But it didn't happen.  Isaiah was disappointed.  Of course, he had someone up front blocking for him.

Hopefully we'll get some much needed rain this weekend.  I was really looking forward to at least a little water on our ride, but we saw none, not even a puddle.  Oh, well, next time.....

2006 KLR 650
2002 H-D FLSTC sold, for a DL650!
2001 KTM 300 EXC DR-Z400E
1992 Beta Zero
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