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I Like To Ride Nekkid!
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I celebrated the anniversary of 9/11 by enjoying thoroughly this national forest.

What a fabulous day!

The temperature was not too hot, the air clear clear clear, all the colors vibrant. Everything green and alive. The forest service has done a good job on some of the ruttiest trails- graded and filled with clay. The recent rain helped a lot. They had also cleared the access to some of the more remote trails, which I had searched before but had not found. Lovely!

Fifty miles of bliss.. Easy and fun. . Ankle a bit sore. Jaw muscles more sore from three hours of nonstop grinning.

Plenty of young deer frolicking. Really funny. Torn between fleeing ... and curious of motorcycles. Lope, swerve, look back, collide with pal doing the same. (Hey, I am referring to the deer and not to me and my riding companion, ok?!)

With this being the last weekend before bow hunting season I wanted to tell the deer: here are some tickets for Carnival cruises: leave town guys! Now!

Next weekend: orange vests, major trails only and more boating than riding. Maybe canoeing down the springs. But some bike riding for sure anyway.

Giovanna, Queen of Slow,  "Pumpkin" KTM 250 xcf-w, "Pony" Honda/KTM hybrid 230

Got Mud?
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Kismet, Where are you starting from in the SE quadrant , Im planning on going up in November for the first time


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I Like To Ride Nekkid!
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Ocala NF in November? Yowsa. The hunters will be out in droves with fairly high powered guns. Unless your body is inpenetrable to bullets, I would reconsider. I heard them bullets zing by me and it made me a believer. Those things are for real. I seem to like exploring the places where deer like to hide.

Just one thought for your consideration: beer makes men color blind to orange vests. (also oblivious to common sense, good judgment  and a lot of other things, but that is another subject). Anyway.  I have already seen beer cartons on the trails. And it is only BOW hunting season!!!

Unless you want to stick to Delancy and/or Wiregrass "motorcycle only" trails (aka- deep-deep-deep sand).

My suggestion would be to ride in October and brave the bow hunters with orange vests and loud pipes and riding in the middle of the day. (I do)

Please send me an email at my address and I will be glad to send you more suggestions about trails, parking etc.

I LOVE Ocala NF but I want to be alive to enjoy it next year  too!

I am recovering from a rear end hit and run (with the car- yes, I was standing still at a traffic light!!! ) but should be better soon. Let me re-phrase that. I will be riding again soon, no matter WHAT.

Giovanna, Queen of Slow,  "Pumpkin" KTM 250 xcf-w, "Pony" Honda/KTM hybrid 230

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Giovanna! haven't heard from you in a while! Good to see you're still riding!

The Honorable Mayor of Swampyville '10 Triumph Tiger 1050 '09 KTM690R '07 Kawasaki KLX250 (Mrs Swampy's bike) '03 Triumph Speed Triple '02 Honda CR250R tagged

Whoo Hoo!
My First Post!
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Kismet, would love to ride the forest, I would be coming from spring hill fl, Im new to dixie dual sport, I am also trying to find people to ride with that know where the best dual sport riding  is, also would like to do a long range off road riding/camping/fishing trip , maybe multi state , nuthin but dirt roads and trails if possible, please contact if you have any information on trips like this or if ya just wanna go riding in ocala. thanks, or 352-293-4114

Originally Posted by kismet
Looking for riding company- Ocala National Forest

I will be spending every weekend in September in Ocala National Forest- based in Astor on the river. Repeat of last year's bliss, before the dreaded hunters take over the place.

Looking for riding companions who can help me pick up 340lbs+ of my beloved Suzuki should it so happen that I drop her. Does not happen often, but once in a while yes and of course always in the worst spots. Will be glad to do likewise for my buddies + patch up broken bodies, bring lunch, GPS, maps etc.

I like riding the SE quadrant (SE of 19 and 40) but will ride anywhere. Not thrilled with the deep sand of Delancy or Wiregrass, though.

I have been known to stop at springs or other suitable places for a swim.

More "lollygagging" than "Roof of Africa".

Sense of humor, equipment in good working condition and love for exploration more important than riding skill (of which I have little).

Let me know.

Giovanna Queen of Slow and Duchess of Scratch*

*after my encounter with chiggers working at last week's Lake City Hare Scramble. (Chiggers won)

Myron Boguslawski

Waffle House All-Star
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I'm wanting to ride the forest off road for the first time...always been a road rider but I'm getting a dr 650 and looking to ride every single beautiful mile and smile.
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