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Waffle House All-Star
Posts: 7
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Ya there's alittle trail in their somewhere. But it turned to mush real fast on the way out. Never realized how heavy a DR is sunk in the mud. Lol
-90 TW 200
-12 DR 650

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See Rock City
Posts: 141
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yes they sure love to show you how deep the mud is, and how heavy they are to boot. especially if (like myself)you only weigh  135#(soak'n wet) compared to their 370# suctioned to the mud seems more like 3700# in my experience. but that which doesnt break our back and kill us makes us stronger,right?
<------this was the first time i got my 650 stuck, and she was stuck.
i have actually carried a small come-a-long on trips w/ the 650 i thought might get a little soggy when riding solo (most all the time)

glad to see your gettin her dirty  

Ride like lightning, crash like thunder.
2009 DR650se  * 2001 DR200se  * 1999 DR350se

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Anyone Seen TurnSignalTom?
Posts: 105
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Welcome Mike I live in A-Dale and work in Lakeland. Look forward to seeing you on some rides.
Auburndale, FL
12' DR650SE

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Just How Old IS Dirt, Exactly?
Posts: 947
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Hey Mike, Rule #4 The bigger the bike the bigger the hole.
Yaller Foot Pegs $#8.95 plus shippin ( Damn gas )
Snap Off Foot Peg Company
But wait....
Due to the current economy shippin has gone up

Tiger Tom
Turn Signal Tom

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95 Triumph Tiger( First DDS Tiger )

If your gonna be stupid you better be tough.( Damn, I gotta start workin out )

If it looks deep...it's deeper. Yep, ask Johnny Africa.

The best way out of most situations is more gas.

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They're Always After
Me Lucky Charms!
Posts: 224
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What part of "If it's grey stay away" did you forget?
2015 Ducati Icon Scrambler
2007 Suzuki DR650 X2
2002 Yamaha RSV
1996 Suzuki DR350
1947 AJS Model 18
++Past++ Listing all my past bikes just shows I'm old and explains why I still work for a living.

Waffle House All-Star
Posts: 7
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Well the first trip thru the spot was just water over black dirt. But on the way out after me and my buddy on my other bike a TW went thru it things changed. Lol but thats the only time i've had it stuck and am getting better at riding trails. Jeknow if you wanna ride let me know I get off at 330 and can go almost any afternoon. Ive seen several dual sports on the ride home wondering who they are? Email me greenswamp2041@yahoo.com
-90 TW 200
-12 DR 650
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