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Whoo Hoo!
My First Post!
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Hi Y'all,
Just getting back into off-road riding after 15-20 years just street riding. I have been a motorcyclist since 1974-75. Started out on a Kawi 80cc endruo/dualsport (just called a motorcycle back then 😉 ) and have owned many bikes from many manufactures, mostly the big 4 from Japan but there have been a few Harley Davidson's sprinkled in (Yea, I know...rag-on if you must [blbl] ) as well as some European/Brit bikes.
 I consider myself a newbie kind of off-road rider because of my long break from off-road riding I am looking to do some riding class's on off-road motorcycling. I know formal riding class's are a good/faster way to gain skills vs the pick it up as I go route.
(Learned that from taking some trackday courses) So I am interested in that.
 I am also a member on ADV as Redclayrider, as well as Motorcycle Alabama (formally Bamarides) as Springer. So a few of y'all might know me from there.
 Right now I have a Honda Africa Twin and a Honda XR650l (that needs to be rebuilt).

 Looking forward to riding with y'all!

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