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Waffle House All-Star
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I have a project I would like to start, mapping great trails in the state, if anyone with that knowledge would like to get involved.  I think it could turn into something big, but even if it does not, it should be better than what we have at this point.  I was hoping for something similar to this:


Just started this a few weeks ago, and have had some real positive response so far, so I thought a few of you guys might be interested in helping to map out a few of the trails/roads/rides you guys are into.

I have a tremendous amount of flexibility with ideas, so let's hear them.

PM or email me if you are interested, or have any other ideas that may make a better project.



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Go Don.. I'd love to se some of the results. It would get me motivated to come up and ride more often.

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Waffle House All-Star
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glad to hear some interest Bert, I would certainly like to learn some great rides myself.  I have not found my dual sport yet, but when I do I wanna hit some trails.

The FZ is just not working out for me off road?


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RESET? There was a Reset?
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I'll start I guess.

I'm also looking for any fire roads and forest trails so if anyone knows of any please post up!

  • Location: Mapquest Cherry Hill Road/Alabaster/35007 or Park Forest, Alabaster,35007. If entering off Cherry Hill Rd. just go down the gravel road about a 1/4 mile just past some of the homes on the left and you will see the trail entrance just past on the left. If entering from the Park Forest neighborhood just enter the street and go all the way to the back. Please be mindful of residents and kids in the area!!!
  • Public or private land? I think most of the trails are on public land but there are some areas where it dumps into neighborhoods, by the bottom hill of the Flying "X" ranch/gliders or by the Maylene limestone rock quarry that are posted "private property". When entering the neighborhoods or riding down Cherry Hill Rd. please be mindful of the residents. I don't want my local riding area killed by people acting like idiots in front of the people that live by the trails!!!
  • Description of terrain: gravel, sand, rocks, some light/medium ruts, a couple of mud patches out of seemingly nowhere, hard pack. Really a good variety when its not dry. Unfortunately its pretty dry right now. Berms in some areas, camping areas, swamp ponds.
  • Estimate of mileage: approx. 9 miles of trails to play in plus a couple of dirt play grounds in the surrounding area neighborhoods that in undeveloped/abandoned project housing areas.
  • Difficulty: 1/5 in most areas I guess for dedicated DS/dirt bikes. Depends on the bike I suppose. My buddy with a Vstrom was working hard so I'm sure he might rate it differently (maybe 3/5 for him haha). Some of the areas off the "main" trail do go into rocky and rutted out areas so be mindful and pick your line.
Some videos I've taken on these trails can be found on my vimeo account http://vimeo.com/user1782843/videos

Here is a little rough plot I've been working on for these trails. Basically you really can't get lost out here as most are "T's" or dump into neighborhoods that would put you back onto the road or trail.

Not much for crazy elevation but there is a little.


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Waffle House All-Star
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well I will get started then.

I dig those videos man




Hey! You're Blinker's On!
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Have you gotten anywhere with this? I am going to try it is Tuscaloosa Country and then work my way out.

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You've Been Busted!
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You do know that this post is over 4 years old and dredman has not been on the site since 09/07/2013.
“There is only one reason for pavement and that is to get to dirt.” - “King” Richard Burleson

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