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Travel light is my moto motto, but sometimes it’s so tempting to stuff one more essential item into an already bulging pannier. For instance, no one will argue that a few detailed maps top the list of essential items on a nine day dual sport trip through unfamiliar territory. The question is how many maps are necessary to guide an adventurer safely into and out of the wilderness? One map, ten maps, more than a hundred maps? I’m thinking that if more than 100 topo maps with important notes and 1500 miles critical route information find their way into my limited dual sport pack, then I’ll not have space for anything else like food or camera equipment.

My two year old Canon G9 point and shoot could never be left behind.

Unfortunately, due to an obsessive map disorder, I need at least 125 maps for such a trip. How can it be done? Simply snap a quality picture of each map and all 125 maps are neatly stored on a camera memory disk no larger than quarter. Now I can quickly refer to maps, research notes, critical information and highlighted routes by pulling out my handy camera.

Selected maps are viewed in any scale day or night on the camera’s monitor. Once a map is selected then activate the camera’s zoom feature to increase the scale and see detail you’ll never get on a paper map.

Here's a 15 mile section carefully plotted on the computer during the planning phase of the trip. This general view details mountains, valleys, and rivers through which the route travels.

Here's the same map above zoomed in. I clearly see that I need to turn left off Forest Road # 957 onto Jackass Ridge Snowmobile trail to stay on course.

Ever wish you had a Google Earth map while you were on the trail? Here I’ve taken a photo of my computer screen with a suggested route sent to me by a National Forest Ranger. It's so easy to toss in one more map.

Old habits are hard to break, so I’ll still pack two or three paper maps for insurance or fire starter. 


Hey! It's My Birthday!
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  You da man Jack! You lead ,I'll follow. Another ingenious idea from "The Plan Man".

Rick 13 KTM 500 XC-W 
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