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DDS Rocks!
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Hi Team,
Thanks for adding me. Quick question.. I invented this and would like your feedback regarding the use of it on an Enduro when far from civilization.



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at DDS Elementary
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SPAM [bull]
06 KTM 950 Adventure S

DDS Rocks!
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It's SPAM because I am looking for feedback?

Hey! You're Blinker's On!
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No weight listed,
Nor dimentions for packability,
No price point.

Max pressure inadequate for tubliss systems.

Now go improve it.

Muffler Bearing Tech Day
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Taggio, in looking at your product, here are the problems I see with it for use on a dual sport bike:

1.  The pressure is both too low and too high.  It is too low for the popular Tubliss system; those need 100 psi minimum.  I run 120 psi in my XR400's system.  It is far too high for most tires for off road use; 13-15 is the max depending on the bike, with several running lower pressures.  

2.  Based of the videos on the kickstarter site, it will take a tremendous amount of time to inflate a tire.  A larger volume pump would be far more desirable to cut the pumping time and effort (repeatedly lifting and lowering your foot, in full gear, possibly with knee braces, is not fun).  

3.  A 12" hose is quite short.  For a bike in the shop, sure, it's fine.  Maybe even by the side of the road.  But, on the dirt, it will be problematic.  You may not be able to move the bike to a place that is firm enough for the pump, and ideal for the reach of the hose to the tire valve.

4.  Those pop out legs will sink into the dirt without some sort of foot on them.  How well will the base of the pump hold up planted into the ground?  

5.  I see exposed springs and other mechanisms.  How well will they cycle after they're encrusted in dirt/mud?  

6.  Assuming your price point is $50 per unit (it's $65 with shipping for the non-early bird price, $55 for early, so I'm giving you the benefit of the doubt on it), you have a value problem.  A basic Slime compressor will cost about $35-$40, and it will run off the bike's battery.  It is also in the same "soda can" size range (From their site:  Rugged Carrying Case – 6” 15.24cm H x 6” 13.24cm W x 2.25” 5-7 cm D; I didn't notice a weight listed).  

7.  At 1.5" for the nozzle head, it is going to be annoyingly large.  The spacing on the spokes of my Honda CRF450X give about 1.75" of space between them at the valve head.  Also, anyone running a 90 degree valve stem is likely to have fitment problems.

Additionally, you indicate that the pump can be used for trailers or for cars on you KS site.  I would fire any marketing personnel that put such a ridiculous claim on my company's site.  While it is possible, it is amateurish and creates a laughable situation that impacts your brand.  I would also revamp the "optimized for medium" claims on the KS and taggiopro.com sites.  You have a niche product, trying to expand it to markets it doesn't really quite fit is a common mistake for small companies.  Making a "campsite" pump that can do more things might not be a bad idea, but trying to re-purpose an expensive, premium bicycle pump would not be the path I would take.  

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