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Does This Bike
Make My Butt Look Fat?
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In purchasing a GPS that is used or new(old stock from a discount house) would one need to update the maps-is this provided free to Garmin owners, do you have to purchase them, or is it something not to worry about?


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Hey Bikenut, long time no hear...

I've been Garmin customer for a long time (I'm on my 3rd now) and my company used to be a dealer so I might be able to help you.

We need to know the model # (to see if it is upgradable and what's available for it) and if it is new and/or unopened package or open but never registered (I dont trust these because if the Mapsource software was opened and unlocked you may not be able to upgrade it legaly).

Get me that info and I tell you what you need...

Best regards


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Does This Bike
Make My Butt Look Fat?
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Thanks, I'll drop you a note when I get the unit.


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Does anyone have Garmin's TOPO 24k Southeast U.S. DVD loaded on there computor?
Garmin advised that once it's loaded it can be shared to other compatable GPS's.
That way you can also share on the price of the DVD. 
 If you got it send me  a P.M. 
If no response I will buy it and share it with you!!!

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In my ususal encounter with technology I attempted to upgrade my Garmin GPS maps on my Nuvi 500.  So I bought an update disk at Best Buy.  I then had to buy the cable to connect the Garmin to the Mac.  It is a USB to Mini.  The guy at BB says this is the one.  So when I get home I plug it in and the program says it is not connected.  After many verifications and attempts, I temporarily give up and decide to call Garmin.  I always let a few days go buy so my frustration levels calms down before I have to interact with these computer people   So today I call and we go through all kinds of procedures to no avail.  He then says to reboot the GPS.  Guess what happens when you do that.  You will erase all of your address that you have worked to put in over the last 2 years.  So  I ask what if I don't want to do that.  He says you will have to send the GPS for repair and they will do it any way.  So I do and still no go.  Now what ?  He now asks what kind of connection cable I have.  I say a Rocket Fish USB to mini.  He says what else ?  Is is a data cable or charging cable.  Huum, I look and it says charging cable.  He says, yeah that is a problem "sometimes" and it looks like its your problem.   Shoulda known.  He could have asked about my cable before I had to delete all my address'.  Love technology !!!!!
PS: It's $ 50.00 for each up and good for only 1 Garmin GPS.

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I have run into this before on a PC with multiple USB buses, make sure you are on the root bus....If you can't identify it from the OS, just try connecting to them all. 
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