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This comes from the Southern HighCountry Ride Report

Chapter 17: A Guide In The Wilderness

The week has come to a close and Saturday is here. Everything is packed and we're ready to go. Since I'm riding, I need to leave early to cover the 12 hours to make it home.

12 hours.

Yeah right. Like THAT's gonna happen. I'm riding my bike. You think I'm not going to find adventure?

So I wheel out of the driveway bright and early at 0700 and head into Hartwell....

On Hwy 51 I run past a branch of Lake Hartwell...

A little farther down another bridge over another branch...

It was turning out to be a beautiful morning. Cool breeze flowing over windshield, sun coming up across the lakes. early morning riding at it's best. I turn to 77 South and head towards Elberton.... it seems like something was guiding me this way. Nothing from my conscious mind, but something pulling in the subconscious....

... I go zooming past a sign....

Holy Moly! It's here!

While I was researching the way I'd travel up and back, I came across something that I had heard about a few years ago, but since it's so far out of the way, I paid it no heed because when was I going to have a chance to see it? Probably never.

So there it was tucked in the back of my mind, completely forgotten about, and not even on my radar for today.

I grab another handful of Triumph ABS and pull another Crazy Ivan. Gotta check it out!

Que the theme from the X-Files...

The Georgia Guidestones are a collection of standing stones near Elberton, Georgia. Built in 1980, they are primarily composed of six slabs of granite: one central pillar, four “major” stones that fan out from the center, and a capstone. The capstone has engravings on all four of its sides in four different ancient languages, all of which read, “Let these be guidestones to an Age of Reason,” when translated. The major stones are each engraved on both sides, and each side contains text in one of eight modern languages asserting ten guidelines.

These guidelines have proven extremely controversial, causing speculation and rumors of conspiracy that go far beyond northeast Georgia.

The Georgia Guidestones are at once a Rosetta Stone, an astronomical observatory, and a road map for rebuilding civilization. Theories of conspiracy, occultism, and apocalypse surround this monument, and it has been called a “prism of meaning” by many who have studied it. At the heart of this confusion is the missing piece of the puzzle: who was the mystery man that designed and funded the project?

Conspiracy theorists surmise a global plot on the part of shadowy group of men to reduce and subjugate the world’s population and create a “New World Order.” Others believe that the man behind the monument was a Rosicrucian, and that the stones are representative of that group’s occult manifestos. Are the stones proof of a Satanic conspiracy or a testament to a Cold War psychology of nuclear annihilation?

The block that describes the Guidestones...

There is a view site within the center of the structure, aligned with some cosmic event event no doubt...looking to the west...

This one looking eastward...

Each monolith has the same inscription but in 8 different languages....

All in all, a very interesting site when you sit back and think about it. Please, go use the Google and read more about it. The secretive story behind it, the exact construction and alignments.... it was kind of spooky being there first thing in the morning.

But once again. You don't find thing like this unless you ride and keep and open mind to where adventure can be found.... whether it's here or on another cosmic plane...

Once again, this is going to be a good day. No doubt about it.

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