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Look At The Size Of THAT Tank!
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 Hello all. I have a FMF Q4 muffler on my 06 KLR 650. There is a 'plate' down inside the muffler with a bunch of holes in it, about 8 - 10 inches from the rear outlet. What I am wondering, I bet there is no spark arrestor in this muffler. I have seen them on FMF website, but do they retro fit a muffler that apparently doesn't have one already? Would it also lower the sound level a bit?
 Thanks for any replies.

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I have a Q4 that has a spark arrester screen installed and looking in the rear
all you see is screen. Sounds like you don't have. Mine is not loud at all, smaller
motor though.

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Eet Mor Chikin
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same here, look inside all you see is a screen cone and the retaining screw. FMF Q4 on DR200 and Q4 and power bomb on DR650. I cant say I hear much difference. they're not very loud with the screen in or out. but they do sound a hellava lot better then the stock one. 

if you need to install one seems like if you buy one of the spark arresters ( just a cone shaped screen) from fmf you could drill a small hole for the retaining screw, if it isn't already there.

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