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Eet Mor Chikin
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I picked up a Fiamm Freeway Blaster Low Tone Horn from Pepboys ($20) over the weekend and installed it on my KL250. I normally just stay away from traffic, but I’ve been commuting to work on the motorcycles this year to save gas. The Sherpa averages 64 miles to the gallon and my regular car is a 12 mpg Wrangler. The Fiamm has two leads and is non-polarity conscious, so it’s a plug and play with no relay. It sounds like a regular car horn, but at 130 decibels. It’s a cheap and easy mod if you wanted to upgrade your horn to something more noticeable. Not too much bigger that the stock types…


2019 KLX250

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You've Been Busted!
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Good info on making noise.

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See Rock City
Posts: 141
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 Stebel Nautilus compact air horn  installed one of these on my dr650, larger than the original horn but that was the idea, 140 db these things are loud. love to see the look on peoples face when i blow the horn @ them. definite attention getter. mounted pretty easy (had to fabricate a bracket out of aluminum flat stock) in original horn location never had a problem offroad other than the occasional accidental horn blast in the woods. sure they weight alot more than the one you have due to the air compressor, like the sound of air better than electric horns. 
Stebel nautilus compact air horn:

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ELO Kiddies
Posts: 322
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I put a hi-lo tone pair of Freeway Blasters on the front of my DRZ400, mounted them on the frame meant to hold reflectors over the front fender.

It is nice to be mistaken for a Pontiac.

They're Always After
Me Lucky Charms!
Posts: 239
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130 db for $20 and no relay? That's a deal !  I've got the Steibel on my R90 to replace that lame excuse for a horn. More of a novelty item as the best response to an inattentive driver isn't the horn.....IMHO

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Anyone Seen TurnSignalTom?
Posts: 105
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Cool I'm down for one of these. It's nice to be heard
Auburndale, FL
12' DR650SE
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