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Well it was the first DDS Destination Ride and there was a great turn out as folks from around the state met at Fantasy of Flight in Polk City!

I've gotta upload my pics...

Had a great time, saw some old faces and met some new ones! And above all, was I surprised at this place!

Simply awesome!

But more of that....

Time to chime in folks!

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Today’s ride was a lot of fun. Perfect weather and a great ride location.

Always wanted to go to FOF and glad I finally made it over. The attention to detail was outstanding.

Some pics...

































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Yo Swampy, that is sooo cool! Just so you know you got a pilot here too! Always in love with flying machines...


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Nice to meet some of you, I enjoyed it. Here are a few pics...

Great weather for looking at great aircraft.... Florida is a nice place to be on a motorcycle in January. 

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Wish I coulda made it.  I've always wanted to go there and it looked like fun.  Maybe do it again soon??? ; * }

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My wife and me had a great time the weather was good,and the ride was Even better about 160 miles round trip through Florida back roads  also Met some DDS members, all were very friendly,can't wait for next  get together  Thank You XRDAN


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Wow ... talk about fun.  I almost didn't make it and would have missed a great day.  To echo everyone it was great to see the group and the weather made for a nice ride as well as touring the facilities.  I had ridden by this place so many times and wondered what it was like.  It more than exceeded my expectations and I'll be back.

Here's a partial group photo.

Once inside we discovered that the rules of the establishment were going to be strongly enforced.

As is the case with every organized DDS event there was a riders meeting where we were informed of what to expect from the mission uh or ... route.

Here's a few smart DDS riders making notes of subtle changes made to the route charts.  There was a rumor and a few complaints about the watery route that was shown but I don't see it !?!

This year at the creek Swampy has a new plan for people who fail tech inspections or try to crash the event without signing up.

Not being ready for the dips and dives we now can see that Swampy has assumed an unusual defensive position.  The radio operator was not amused nor easily distracted.

Thinking that it would calm the rowdy bikers a ride on the tram was offered by the management.  It didn't work at all but that's another story.

Oh ... and there were planes too.

All jokes aside it is a wonderful place to spend a day.  If anybody has any interest in machinery of the flying nature you'll love it. 

Thanks to all for sharing the day and we'll meet again soon.



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Sorry I missed it guys, I wound up doing my Bi-annual flight review on Saturday as my buddy the CFI had time; I thought about dropping in for lunch but I forgot to check and see if they opened up the runway to the public, and my "inside" guy  is on vacation out of cell phone range..
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A few of the Uralisti including myself went there this past weekend.  Unfortunatlely Fantasy of Flight is closing to the public on 4/6/14.  So if you want to go you better hurry.
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