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Rain Dances With MiamiMike
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Well here we go..........
All the pix and video loaded up in to the computer.
Pix today, video maybe tomorrow.
Got over to Sertoma late Friday afternoon and got all set up.
Fixed up some dinner and realized we had no plates.

That nice black tray is what the steaks came in and the other is the top of the crock pot.
RichardD who usually travels with us wasn't here but we bought him a steak
and then ate it for him too. What are friends for? It was the best one...

After dinner we set up the camp theater and watched Blazing Saddles and then a MK200 video.

On to the ridin part. I'm gonna leave most of the pavement pix out.

Our Saturday group consisted of Chad Skiles, Tim, Robert, Mike(Guns) and a
couple guys on XR400s names I can't remember. But here they are...

It was a tad damp in spots......wet everywhere else!

Sometimes its better to just go thru the water than find a work around.

On to the power line.

Day one lunch

And then the rain made things a little damper.

Everyone made it back to camp in one piece.
Robert and I had prepared a crock pot of franks and beans to bring to the Bullshoot.
But after cleaning up and hearing the band set up we decided to skip the BS,
eat the F&B and chill at the trailer. We were camped right by the showers and the band volume was just about right!

Day two. Damn it got colder than I expected....and where's the sun??????

Mike (Guns) had school on Sunday so we were down to six riders.
I have some good video of day two. I'll post it soon.

Some repeat waterhole detours.


Day two lunch

Parking lot is a little thin on day two..........

One of the Honda boys was leading and went right thru this very spot not two seconds before Chad. 
Where the Hell did that hole come from?????

It took all of us to lift it out. A lot of grunting too!

I want to thank Chad Skiles and Tim for navigating most of the time. Great job!
And RHam for taking care of all the camper stuff.
Good riding with all the guys in the group.
Video links in the very near future.

TEAM WANKER..."Hittin' it like an epileptic blacksmith"

Waffle House All-Star
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This was my 1st DDS and I'm just happy to say that I didn't take a mud bath!  It was a blast, GREAT people, GREAT food, GREAT route, and an overall GREAT experience!!!
HEY SWAMPY!!!  How about posting some of the pictues you took of us going through the mud hole on Day 1?!?!?
Thanks!  See you all in March!

06 WR250F

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At Devils Creek we ride through the best

and the worst loving every mile of it.

The expression on Bill's face at the end of Day 2 says it all.  There just isn't enough of Devils Creek to satisfy!

I have over 200 photos to sift through.  I'll post them as soon as possible, hopefully all by Sunday.


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This Week's
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Thank you all for the positive feedback! It's a ton of work to pull this off and we couldn't have possibly done it without the support of good friends! You know who you are and a great big THANK YOU goes out to all of you! And Miss Becky, thank you so much for getting people to take all the leftovers! Next year I think we will step back and let it roll (The Bull-Shoot that is!). You all have really stepped up to the plate! The quality and the quantity of the food was awesome. That fried turkey and those awesome chicken wings, Emma's Shepherd's Pie, Jonas's cajun corn, the greens, chilis,   well let me tell you, you might just be giving Miss Linda a run for her money! Don't tell her I said that though! The Devil's Creek is an exhausting weekend for us. But we wouldn't have it any other way! We love doing it especially for such a great, appreciative group. You all make it worthwhile!! We love our DDS family!! 

Mrs Swampy

Kawasaki KLX 250
Suzuki DR200

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Rain Dances With MiamiMike
Posts: 423
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As promised, here's the first video clip.
I just uploaded it and its still processing so the video quality
won't be up to snuff until its finished.

TEAM WANKER..."Hittin' it like an epileptic blacksmith"

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Rain Dances With MiamiMike
Posts: 440
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I guess you guys can't ride fast without me !


Waffle House All-Star
Posts: 9
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To all that stopped at the Citco in Trilby.
This is the only place I have used my credit cart for weeks.
Today the credit card company called and I had to have them canceled my credit card because of "funny"
activity on my card after buying gas at the Citco.
So my advice to you, check your credit card activity after this weekend if you stopped at the Citco in Trilby.
Do not wait for you statement. Good luck!

Now With 20% More
Off-Road Goodness!
Posts: 126
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Well another epic ride!  Thanks to all the folks who made it happen.  The food, friends, music, and of course the great ride make it something that you had to be there to believe it.  We were there and it was fun!!.  Enjoyed riding and jawin' with all of you.  Can't wait till next ride.


FLyNW '06 200XCW, '09 530
I like it when my vision vibrates

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Delightfully Tacky
Yet Unrefined..."
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I also had a blast...

Thanks to Swampy and his crew for putting together another great event...

And thanks to Rob for inviting me to stay at the Bongaloo... it sure beats having to setup a tent, especially with the expected rain...

I met a ton of new people and made a bunch of new friends; it was great!

Well, here are a few of the pictures I captured and a bit of the 2010 DC adventure:

Myself and a clean WRR Sat morning...

Sat morning

Making some adjustments...

Rob & Bear after one of the water-holes

Rob going for it

Bear going for it

Shortly after we dogout Rob's bike out of the quick sand... that was hell

Close up of the quick sand trap... I left a log across it to warn others...

Saturday night Bullshoot...

A lot of good stories...

Sunday am getting ready for another great day of adventure...

Sunday water crossing... looking for the best way out...or where we digging out someone... again!

After lunch, getting ready for the second half of Sunday's adventure...

Sam giving cpr to his near drowning DR...

Another mudhole... I almost didn't make it out of this one...

Also thanks to the Sweep crew for letting me tag along Saturday after lunch...

Hope to see you all again soon!

Ride safe!

2014 500EXC
2009 WR250R
2005 FJR1300-sold :-(

Is MiamiMike Really
From Vancouver?
Posts: 43
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Had a blast this weekend. As you can see from the pic above I gave it 2 thumbs up. Thanks Swampy, to you and to all your Swampetts,Swampees, Swampinators,Swampapinoes,or whatever you call your gang of merry men and women. I don't get to ride very often so I really look forward to these weekends.  THANKS,

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DDS LifeTime Member
Posts: 344
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Jack, I recognized your photography right away.  That first picture is great!  KTM in tall grass.

Julio, I love that last picture of yours.  I'd like to use it, if it's okay with you.  Reminds me of my favorite M C Escher print and it's just pure Richloam.


'03 Aprilia Tuono R (Tuono. Making juveniles out of adults since 2002.)
'04 Aprilia Tuono R (Track Bike)
'05 KTM 450exc
'14 Honda MSX125 Grom
'99 Aprilia SR50

Kazoo Virtuoso
Posts: 21
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Thanks to the Swamp Man for another great one.  I have only missed 1 or 2 since 1999. For me the mud holes were just right not too intense if you used experience to take the right path but fun with a feeling of accomplishment once they were behind you.  As always thanks to Jack L and Co. for leaving tracks which helped us stay on course when in doubt.

Follow Me - I'll Show You How to Crash!

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