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This Week's
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I have heard so many stories about the mud holes and trails, now let's see some pictures!! 

Mrs Swampy

Kawasaki KLX 250
Suzuki DR200

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I know McPush, and you Sir, are no McPush!
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Please do post your pictures. I thoroughly enjoyed the event, but didn't take a single picture, mainly because I am an idiot.
Special thanks to those who established the route this year. Conditions were on the wet side of perfect, and the route was one of the best DC's ever. The only thing I would change is to make it longer.........
A few pics I would like to see--
  • The mudholes
  • The water holes
  • Burton BBQing the possum hearts
  • Phil getting stuck on the log
  • Parker melting his tennis shoes on the fire
  • Any pictures of Lambert. (Are we sure that there is only one of him-- he is EVERYWHERE!) (Thanks for your help, Jack!)
  • Manimal's wrestling team. (WTF?)
  • Stub trying to get his KTM computer to work
  • Stub changing his tire 10 miles from Sunday's finish
  • Any of the adventure ride pics

Again, THANK YOU Swampy and team for a great event.

2007 KLR650, 2002 XT225, 2004 BMW R1200CL, 2007 Ural Tourist, 2009 Kawasaki EX 250, 2004 HD Road King

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Brought To You By Tom's Yaller Snap-Off Foot Pegs!
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Here is a pic of a few just after escaping from a black liquid pit

Here is the link to more pics... some mine, some borrowed. Go there to see if you are in them.... right click.... and save them if you like.

Enjoy....and thanks again Swampmeister


Swampy said it's okay.
How deep can it really be?
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The Creek was MMM Good! (mud, meals, & music!)

Route was AWESOME!
Saturday night ROCKED!

The Food. OMG The Food! Miss Linda is a goddess! Ribs, Chicken Roast beef, pasta. And all the stuff Saturday night!   My riding pants don't fit anymore I gained 10 pounds!

Swampy just makes this thing better and better every year. It's the best weekend of the year!

And a big thank you to everyone who helped make it happen! I didn't get all the names but the guys doing layout andthw sweepers deserve a big round of applause!

The road's supposed to be here somewhere?!?

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I'll post-up some of your pics for ya JWCIV...

Tommy Connell from Valdosta...

Terry at his first DDS ride...

On the trail.

That's me JWCIV!

The Honorable Mayor of Swampyville '10 Triumph Tiger 1050 '09 KTM690R '07 Kawasaki KLX250 (Mrs Swampy's bike) '03 Triumph Speed Triple '02 Honda CR250R tagged

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Good, Bad, and Ugly
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Great Ride Swampy and Family! Good friends, new friends, GREAT riding, Good music / food....what more could you want?

Sertoma RV Campsite.............21.15 per day
Steaks, Wings, and essentials..60.00
Nobleton lunch on Friday.........10.24
Not getting pushed by
DR Dave and DRIVER (sweepers)................PRICELESS

Not that I don't enjoy riding with DR Dave and DRIVER.

Who thinks we ought to have another Devil's Creekish DS ride somewhere between now and Spring time? HMMM..."Richloam Roundup"?? Just a thought. There is alot that goes into these rides. Permits, Planning, Coordination, the efforts of many to lay out the routes, verify the routes, printing, and etc, etc...

Again, thanks for a successful event!


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06 Triumph Tiger
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79 XS650F Rode it from 1985 to 94 Needs TLC
75 DT250B Since I was 19 

"Life Changing is when you no longer have a Bike"

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I Just Got A Letter From AARP....
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Bike took a dump but didn't ruin my day. Had a blast watching folks having fun!

Great job Swampy, family, and company! Looking forward to next year.


TEAM DUMB-ASS [member#001]

A good rider has balance, judgment, and does a good wife.

Randy and Robin West

Growing Bolder not Older

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'01 DRZ 400

I like slow walks on the beach & poking at dead things with a stick.

They're Always After
Me Lucky Charms!
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Had I great time, thanks to all who put this ride together.  It was my first DDS ride and  won't be the last!  The KLR was a bit of a pig, but she handled the mud, so you think she'll work for the other rides (I did the DS route)??  Maybe I'll looke for a DR-Z, or if I hit the lotto, one of those nice orange bikes so many people were riding for the next Creek.  Thanks to Bill and Randy for letting me ride with them even though I lost them before Randy's bike lost it's lube!

2006 KLR 650
2002 H-D FLSTC sold, for a DL650!
2001 KTM 300 EXC DR-Z400E
1992 Beta Zero

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Flea Market Next Left...
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here's a couple pics i took on saturday

pick a line and go for it

I'll Never Get Over
Nacho Grande...
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Great ride guys a lot of fun.....Should have brought my hand warmers...


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Dang it ... another Creek has come and gone.  As half of the sweep team I want to thank everybody. 

Everybody ...

Swampy and family ...they sure do have a bunch of dedication and love for us ... (remember this is all a hobby ... not a job)  I, we, all of us cannot thank them enough.

The fellow layout (entertainment) crew.  You weekend Creek riders have no idea the sadness and frustration we felt as we were forced to strike sections off of the proposed route.  Nor will you experience the humor we enjoyed when we watched each other walk into ponds disguised as water crossings.  You might never understand the thin lines we sometimes ride until you walk a puddle.  That ridge you just rode can be 6 inches from a deep, deep trench.  That's why you see many ribbons hung on a specific side.  The shared looks as we were forced to backtrack pulling our freshly hung ribbons ... hilarious in midst of frustration.  Pre-ride on Sunday ... drop the broken bikes off at Barney's on Monday.  It was fun.

Fellow riders.  That's really what it's all about.  I saw many old faces and spoke to many new ones. Remember the smiles and laughter and we'll have to do it again next year for sure. 

Did we get spoiled this year with the food and music or what?  Spread the word about Miss Linda and go buy the new CD from the Wiley Fox Band when it hits the stores. 

This was a slack year for us sweep guys.  Trust me ... that's a good thing. We witnessed a few folks not having their best day but there always were others gathered to help. Some were friends but some were strangers before that moment.  That's what DDS is about.  

Mike Driver

Is MiamiMike Really
From Vancouver?
Posts: 43
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Enjoyed that folks......with the snow up sure looks nice. Thanks for taking me along.


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DDS LifeTime Member
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What Driver said.

Plus an apology.  It was my job to get the saturday's route done.  Well, between watering out two bikes on our first two attempts, then my ill thought out plan detailed here: I wasn't able to complete the job accurately.  My bike (still in the shop) wasn't available and I borrowed a friends KTM 450EXC.  Everything worked great on it ....... 'cept the odometer!  Between that and all the changes we needed to make to the proposed route, the last section in the woods was wrong.   I think, other than that, this was the best Creek ever.

I really enjoyed seeing old friends and meeting new ones.  If the water level had been down about 6"/12", and our proposed route could have been used, this would have been an even more amazing ride ............

All in all, we put 5 bikes in the shop (that I know of) just laying out this ride, that's why we had to cut so much out at the last minute.


'03 Aprilia Tuono R (Tuono. Making juveniles out of adults since 2002.)
'04 Aprilia Tuono R (Track Bike)
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Hey! It's My Birthday!
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  To all the layout crew............A lost and confused day of riding in the forest is still riding in the forest and fun. No apology needed. So what if the conditions weren't perfect, I still had a great time. I was exhausted when I got home and sore today which has to mean .
   Oh and the, they were super.
   Oh and the, how are you going to top that?
  I even got some practice fixing a flat rear tire where we exit the woods 10 miles from the finish of day 2. Thanks go out to Phil, Rocky and Paul for the help at that point.
   Swampy, Jack, Mrs. Swampy, Mike, Rob, and all the rest who had a hand in putting on this terrific weekend, I give thanks that there are people like this to make this the family that it is!
   Miss Linda!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  NUFF SAID.

Rick 13 KTM 500 XC-W 

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See Rock City
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Looks like it was another great Devils creek event sorry i missed it.

Honk if the twins fall out.
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