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Devils Creek 2009 starts with mandatory tech inspection. Best part of tech is chatting with good DDS friends you see only once or twice a year.

That slow moving tech line also gives an opportunity to check out cool upgrades and latest farkles.

 always meet new folks at tech. This year we had riders from Wisconsin, Ontario, Ohio, Michigan....Dixie Dual Sport might consider renaming to North America Dual Sport or NADS for short.

After passing through tech and collecting the packet it's time to cut and tape, cut and tape, cut and tape, cut and tape, cu.........You get the picture.

I teamed up with a father and son duo from Naples, the Wipper-Men. This was their first DDS event and I chuckled when they asked me on the drive from Naples to Devils Creek, "Where can we get roll chart holders?" Uh-oh!

More in a moment.


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Saturday dawn broke clear and cold.  No problem, Mrs. Swampy fixed hot biscuits and gravy for breakfast.

We rolled out of the campground by 9:30 and the first 20 miles had me wishing for heated grips, but only for the throttle. I nestled my left hand on top of a toasty radiator where it felt nice and warm. Otherwise, I was properly dressed for the occasion.

About five miles into the first woods section I began to heat up and shucked a few layers, zipped off my jacket sleeves and opened the vents.

Many thanks to MiamiMike for pulling down the right amount of rain on Friday which made trail conditions perfect. MM, forgive me for doubting your influence over the weather.

We arrived at lunch hungry as bears. I believe it's Ms Linda's ribs, baked beans and cole slaw that makes Devils Creek the best event of the year. However, wolfing down a half dozen of her delicious ribs brings an insatiable thirst during the afternoon route. Dwipman emptied his CamelBak and then guzzled his son's reserves.

"Thanks son, remind me to put you back in my will." 

Welcome new DDS member crety. 

Crety is an old motocrosser who read a few ride reports here at Dixie Dual Sport and decided to join the fun. Nothing but the best for crety, so he hitched himself to a new BMW G450X. EFI sips gas and that big exhaust can only barks 86 db. 

More tomorrow.


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Brought To You By Tom's Yaller Snap-Off Foot Pegs!
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Part II

How many people does it take to fix a flat.

The parking lot while everyone was eating.

Mike was making fun of our flat tire.... I think he jinked his brother...

Taking a break on the trail.

Man it's beautiful out here..

More breaks....

Man we took a lot of breaks.....

This was so much better than last year.  Can't wait until next year...


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Is MiamiMike Really
From Vancouver?
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We did the Adventure Ride. I don't have Vickie's photos, and I was busy driving. So this is a limited selection.

It was cold in the morning as we drove in. Luckily, Mrs. Swampy's cooking made things all right.

I'm not sure why my visor isn't fogged in this pic.

Here is the lovely and talented Vickie....

And of course Sam, who led our little group of strays to a successful conclusion.  Great job Sam!

The last member of our group was driving this tasty GS Adventure that has been all over the USA.  Nice!

The trip to Saturday Night's bullshoot was interrupted by the tell-tale sound of a caliper bolt backing out.  Doh!  I knew that I should have checked the bolts after a long drive.  Thanks to Rich I managed to find a bolt good enough to get us back home.  Notice that one of these things appears to be out of place...

Not very pretty, but good enough to get us back.

Here we see the proper bolt in its place.

Nice!  I went around with a torque wrench and snugged all the bolts down.  The big pig is ready for the next adventure!

Thanks to everyone who came out.  Even bigger thanks to Rich and Swampy for getting me set up with the mystery bolt of rescue.


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Brought To You By Tom's Yaller Snap-Off Foot Pegs!
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What an experience.  This was a great time.. Thanks Swampy and crew.

It all started with sound checks.

Then we went and got our registration package.

Try putting those mile long roll charts in ...what a choir...

That's me with more layers on than I thought possible...

Getting ready.

Swampy laying down the law.

I think that tire is flat.

Something is missing.

The rest to follow...

Guns / mr_guns / DRZGuns
BMW R1200GSA (2014), Beta RS-450 (2011), DRZ-400S (2006) Blue of course!, Piaggio MP3 250 (2008), Jacksonville, FL

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Somehow many of my pictures didnt come out, I think they might have been accidentally deleted
But here's what i got so far:

My only wipeout, I was the last rider on Sat, it happened on section DD, I was all by myself and could only pick her up with the help of a tree branch! That's what happens when you think the DR's stock front tire (the death wing) can handle that sand

My favorite road sign

My favorite stop

Cant wait till next one...


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Swampy said it's okay.
How deep can it really be?
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Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet Weekend!

Best Devils Creek EVER! Kudos to all who made it happen. Swampy especially!
This guy knows how to do it up right, that's for sure!

Great meeting folks, and I can't wait for the next DDS event!

The road's supposed to be here somewhere?!?

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Our young friend twenty minutes before he became Canadian carnage. 

Sleazy and I were trailing 50 yards behind the young Canadian along the power lines when his KLX250 bucked him clean out of the saddle. The limerock road on that section was pocked with a series of deep puddles rimmed with sharp edges. Jr. splashed through the first few without event. Then came a nasty tank slapper that launched him wildly into the next deep pot hole sending two sheets of water 10 feet high. He exited the second pot hole in full Superman position, legs straight up but with a firm grip on the handle bars. I couldn’t believe my eyes when he landed rubber side down square on the seat, and I thought to myself, “WOW! That was a close one!” Unfortunately, the Kawasaki veered a bit sideways and Bad Luck Canuck over compensated driving directly into the middle of another deep hole. This third pot hole was the charm. The Kid ejected left landing hard on the packed road and the Kaw cartwheeled right into the water.

Seconds later Sleazy and I skidded to a stop beside the kid. He was on his hands and knees but badly shaken. Moments later other riders from his group arrived and attended to him. Jr. was woozy and had trouble moving his arm. Injured shoulder? Rob Parker also at the scene,  instantly called Swampy, who directed TurnSignalTom to the location of the accident with a truck.

Ten yards away, Junior’s bike was still running, laying on its side gurgling in muddy water with the rear wheel spinning. Sleazy killed the motor and propped it upright, checked it over, then restarted the little thumper. A jammed throttle was the only noticeable damage or possibly the culprit.

Anyone have an update on his condition?


Hey! It's My Birthday!
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 Now dag-nab-it, why can't I get this video to play?

Rick 13 KTM 500 XC-W 

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Rain Dances With MiamiMike
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Steve,  You ran over my mirror !


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Official DDS Dance Instructor
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Sfront ,,,Great great Video

You crossed 471 (paved rd) at the start of the video

That road is the infamous Cabbage Head rd,,,

Sometimes I like that road,,,
SOmetimes that road likes ME

Post more videos ,,please

Comatose,with no fear of falling

RESET? There was a Reset?
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Hi Steve F..

Great guys took at least three turns before you lost me

I firgured you could do it in one...I guess I am getting better...After getting dropped by you guys I didn't do so well by myself reading the chart ...I gave up at an intersection on a gravel road..A couple of other lost souls showed up and we sat around contemplating the pros and cons of being lost...
Then Swampy comes riding up like a knight on a white errr orange horse and shows us the home..... Great time I will be going for 4 turns...

Knock, Knock...
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Just wanted to comment on this past weekends event. What a great time, well organized, fun factor was #1, nice course layout, great friendship, good food and seeing some old friends.
Being involved with the FTR and my local club that promotes several events a year, I can relate to what it takes to produce a quality event. My hats off to Swampy and all the volunteers it took to make this event happen and provide a fun weekend for all of us.  


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Who's got pics of MiamiMike in his new RainDance outfit!

The Honorable Mayor of Swampyville '10 Triumph Tiger 1050 '09 KTM690R '07 Kawasaki KLX250 (Mrs Swampy's bike) '03 Triumph Speed Triple '02 Honda CR250R tagged

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See Rock City
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Awesome video, now I know how it was that i got dropped as soon as we hit the dirt, aka turn 1.  excellent campin with ya. thanks for everything.

Originally Posted by sfront
Had a great time. Thanks to all who made it a success.
This was the first chance I've had to use my new video setup.
This is day two, I think the road is 471, maybe?
Here's a taste.

As time permits I'll post more.
I have over three hours worth (but I won't bore y'all with it!!!!)

Thanks Jakbrand!
That was my KTM 525 with the farkles. It doesn't get many pix since I'm usually the one with the camera.

Honk if the twins fall out.
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