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You all (y'all) just missed one of the absolute best dual-sport events on the planet. I thought about it on the way home Sunday night (250 mi). The difference was money. That is, they were not profiting from the event. From what I gathered, Armenia was a charitable event. The profits went to their church so they did not have the same contraints that a comercial promoter would have. Because of that they had a huge staff of church members volunteering the following;

·         Donating trail

·         Laying trail

·         Registration

·         Corner workers

·         Chase trucks

·         Deserts (yum!)

·         prizes

·         Breakfast & Lunch (yum!)

·         Banners

·         MX course

·         Ect, etc, etc


The quality was top notch. And the trail was absolutely awesome. I’d go one step farther and say that the trail was superior to anything I have ridden… mowed, trimmed, stumps painted, logs moved, head knockers removed, etc. their team was 1st Class! I will be back if they hold another event! Please hold another event!! Thanks again to Armenia!

Ron Winget


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You've Been Busted!
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Ok rub it in that I did not go!

Good to hear that you had great time.

“There is only one reason for pavement and that is to get to dirt.” - “King” Richard Burleson

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ELO Kiddies
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Armenia DS has been held for 9 years now, no sense in stopping!

Marvin, Ellis and family, the other landowners, the BlueRidge Pathfinders club and the Family Riders club all pitch in as best they can, and succeed year after year in a stellar event {IMHO!}

Expect more fun in The Maze next year, when I talked to the landowner, his first response was "What can I do to make it better?"

Marvin is the heart of the event...somehow he has managed to pull together a lot of very different folks together to generate something pretty special.

Oh, and dont forget the banana pudding and egg cream! Viva la Church Ladies!

Got Mud?
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I thought about it twice as long on my way home ,  Incredible time was had and that route ......well, it was spectacular

Muffler Bearing Tech Day
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Sorry I did not see this post earlier as I would've liked to have joined in and continue the discussion them. It is a great event and one I look forward to attending every year as i i know that the Armenia church and the participants are the true beneficiaries of the event. Marvin does a wonderful job of gathering volunteers and multiple landowners make everything run smoothly. Dana
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