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They're Always After
Me Lucky Charms!
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This isn't a ride inquiry. Got a friend on a different bike forum who rides.  He bought a trailer from a company in Deerfield Beach months ago. They took his money, told him it was almost ready and then dropped of the face of the earth.  No email replies, don't answer the phone.

Just wondering if anyone here is close enough to 1128 S Powerline Rd
Deerfield Beach, FL 33442, to see if the NO Ramp trailers company is still there. I'm sure he would appreciate knowing. He is in California.... 

This shouldn't happen to our fellow riders...

Send any scouting reports to larrysjema@gmail.com as I don't check DDS routinely.  Thanks!


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You've Been Busted!
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Thought about contacting the local law enforcement?

From doing a search of the web found this;

No Ramp Trailers
Company Information

2809 Emerson Dr
Elkhart, IN, 46514 United States
(574) 206-1331

Good luck

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Whoo Hoo!
My First Post!
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I just joined, was this resolved? I am in Deerfield Beach every day
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